Pizzeria El Carmolí – Los Urrutias

Enjoy all kinds of pizzas to take or take here. Call us to make your order and stop to pick them up.

Our Pizzas

Barbacoa 9,00€

Tomato and BBQ sauce, mozarella topping, chicken, red and green pepper and onion

Tropical 8,00€

Tomato, mozarella topping, double ham, pineapple and extra cheese

4 Cheeses 8,00€

Tomato, special mix of 4 cheeses and origan

Champi 8,00€

Tomato, ham, cheese and mushrooms

Jam & Cheese 7,50€

Tomato, mozarella topping, extra cheese and double ham

Carbonara 9,00€

Carbonara sauce, mushrooms, onion, bacon and cheese

Frankfurt 8,00€

Tomato, mozarella, sausage, ham, onion and origan

Pepperoni 8,00€

Tomato, mozarella toppíng, bacon, pepperoni and origan

Mar Menor 9,00€

Tomato, mozarella, tuna, olive and anchovies

Cuatro estaciones 9,00€

Tomato, anchovies, mushrooms, ham and artichokes

Pizzas XXL to eat in the Restaurante

20 €

Pizzas XXL to go

15 €

Call us to book yours.